Beginners course


Are you worried about your kids Play.

Childhood is precious.

Children are always curious to learn new things/activities/skill.

It is a good idea to introduce a new skill each year.

As they grow up, they will become versatile.

We are starting off our beginners' batches from this May 16th,2022.

Chess enables your child to imagine, visualise, analyse, memorise and to calculate correctly.

This helps your child to think matured.

Chess also helps to improve your logical thinking, decision making and to think from other person's perspective.

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After this Summer Camp, You will surely see the difference in your child.

We are conducting free daily online tournaments since 3 years for the practice and we continue to do so.

Price: 4999 INR (68 USD or 58 EUR)

Level: Beginners
Days: 40

Age: 5+


Dates: May 16th - June 30th

40 hrs
Topics to be covered


moves, capture,
special moves- pawn promotion, en passant and castling
notation of moves, check, checkmate,
draws and types of draws, 
basic (piece) checkmates 1, 
mate in one,
mate in two,
types of attacks:
double attack,
discovered attack, 
pawn promotion

Types of checkmates:

back rank checkmate
hook mate
Anastasia mate
Arabian mate
smothered mate

and other types.

piece checkmates 2:

checkmate with a pawn,

Pawn end games,
checkmate with two bishops,

tournament rules 

Typical day schedule:

40min lesson,
20min puzzles practice related to the same topic




1.Can I use my mobile phone/tablet to join classes?
Yes, you can use any gadget(laptop/mobile/tab) for attending classes.

2.Refund/cancellation policy
In case of failed transactions, you will receive refunds from your bank within 5-7days.

Once you have enrolled successfully, No request for cancellation or refund is entertained.

3.How can we contact you?

click here to contact us

or you can call us at +91 888 55 258 22


We hope you happy learning!