Terms and Conditions


  • These terms and conditions constitute a legally binding agreement made between "you",whether personally or an behalf of an entity("you") and Chess Musketeers("we","us","our") concerning your access to our website by any means(desktop/mobile version/app).

  • By using this site,you agree and acknowledge that you have read,understood that you agree and to be bound by all these Terms and Conditions.

  • We reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to make any changes or modifications to these terms and conditions at any time for any reason.

  • You are responsible to read and be aware of the changes/modifications of this Terms and conditions time to time. In case of a revisit,you are bound to be adhered to the latest Terms and Conditions.

2.User accounts and Passwords:

  • Your user account and password details are safe with our website's host and encrypted.However,You are solely responsible for your confidentiality of your login credentials.

  • We suggest you to create a highly strong password which is difficult to guess.

  • We don't suggest you to put the passwords which can be guessed easily like your phone number,date of birth,your favorite person name etc.

  • In case,if you find your account is misused or find any suspicious activity,you can immediately report to info@chessmusketeers.com by mentioning your user id and providing relevant screen shots.

  • Your passwords are encrypted and are not accessible to any of us(including the web designers or any other staff of the website).

3.Operating mode:

We are operating all our services only via online abiding the COVID19 precautions of safety.

4.Intellectual Property :
You are not allowed to use/copy our content of our website in any form including our logo,graphic designs,images,videos etc.
If found,you are bound to face the legal action against you according to the laws of India,under the jurisdiction of Hyderabad,India.

5.Payment Policy:

We accept online payments via API integrations like Paypal and RazorPay.
We don't accept cash payments  to maintain COVID19 safety.

All successful payments once made by you are final and are subject to refund policy and cancellation policy.

6.Purchase decisions and use of bots/malware:
You are solely responsible for your purchase or any decisions on our website.By using our website,you are agreeing that you are fully aware and conciously making any purchase decisions on the website.
If your purchase is made by a bot or any malware,no refund will be given to you and you are subject the code of conduct clause.

7.Refund Policy:

  • In case of failed transactions,you may recieve the refund the amount you have paid(excluding any taxes/convenience fee/promotional offers)to your bank account with in 5-7 business working days.

  • we recommend you to send a payment proof and mentioning your reference/transaction ID to info@chessmusketeers.com

  • we encourage you to use only official apps  recommended by your bank for making payments on our site to avoid failed transactions.

  • No refund will be given,in case you wish to cancel only within one week before commencement of your enrolled service/course/workshop.

  • Cancelled events/sessions/workshops:

In case of cancellation of sessions/any service by our website/staff we will refund you the entire amount that you have paid or offer you any other service of equal value as you have paid with in 5-7 business working days.

  • Postponement of events/sessions/workshops:

 In case,your enrolled service is postponed, no refund will be given.However, you are allowed to attend it at a later date specified.

  • Change of Mind:

(i)In case, you wish to modify/reschedule the one to one sessions that you have already booked/enrolled, you need to inform us in writing at least 48 hours before the commencement of the session to info@chessmusketeers.com.

(ii)If you are not satisfied with our Summer Camp sessions, you are allowed to cancel your enrollment of summer camp within first two days of the commencement of the summer camps and avail 60% refund on the amount you have paid (excluding the taxes/coupons/promotional offers).

8.Cancellation Policy:

  • You are allowed to cancel atleast one week before the commencement of your enrolled first session of any service/course/workshop that you have enrolled with zero cancellation charges.

  • No refund will be given,in case you wish to cancel only within one week before commencement of your enrolled service/course/workshop.

  • However,there is an exemption to the Summer Camps,refer to the Change of Mind clause.


9.Age restriction:

  • You are not allowed to create an account on our website,if you are below 13 years of age.

  • You are allowed to perform/book any of our services only if you are above 13 years old.

During Online sessions/classes/courses parents/guardian are advised to closely monitoring your child's online activity including their browsing history periodically.


10.Modifications of the website:

  • We have the right,at our sole discretion, change/modify or delete any content/page without specifying any cause or reason thereof.

  • In case of any events deleted/cancelled/modified that will be subject to the above clause no 7.

11.Termination Clause:
we have right,at our sole discretion to close,delete or modify any members/staff members accounts without specifying the cause or reason or notice to you.
Terms remain valid even after termination.

12.Code of Conduct:
All the users are subjected to the rules of the code of conduct which are mentioned in the seperate page called Code of Conduct.

13.Typographical/human errors:

We make our best possible efforts to make our site error free in our content as well as in our policies.However,in case if you find any errors,you are requested to report to us in writing email to info@chessmusketeers.com