Code of conduct

Code of Conduct:

(i)For users:
By using this website or by enrolling any service on our website,you are agreeing that 
you have read,understood and are bound to abide by our Terms and Conditons including Code of conduct.

1.You are not allowed to input any spam/abusive language/irrelevant content on our website in any input forms(such as contact forms,reviews etc)
or in the chatbox during sessions.

2.You are not allowed to input any malware content.

3.Creation of fake accounts are strictly prohibited.

If you make any purchases with your fake accounts,payments are final and are not eligible for refund.

In case of any violation of the any of the above rules,your account will be terminated.

We have right,at our sole discretion to restrict your access to our website.
Spam/irrelevant content which effects the health of our website will be removed from our website periodically and the users will be traced and they are liable to face the legal actions according to the laws of India.

(ii)For Students:
1.During the group sessions you should maintain silence by keeping your mic off.
You can speak only,when you are allowed by the coach or at Q&A or doubt session.

2.No mischievious/noisy behaviour is allowed.If found, we have right to remove from the session.

3.Use of abusive/filthy/explicit language or media in the website or during the sessions is strictly prohibited.If found, your account will be terminated and you will be restricted to use our services without any refund.

4.Respect your teachers and staff at all times.

5.You are not allowed to talk about any religious or political topics during the sessions/classes.

If you face any issue with any other student or user, feel free to report to us at