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Below 1500 FIDE rating only

Below 2000 Lichess rating only

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Get a chance to play with a Titled Player.

In this Simul ( simultaneous exhibition),

Woman International Master Sahaja Sri will be playing simultaneously with up to 10 players at the same time online.

Below 2000 lichess rating only

Below 1500 FIDE rating only

6th June, 2021

Time Control: 30+10 for Player


600 INR: If the player beats the host
250 INR:
If the player makes a draw with the host

Every Participant player will get an e-certificate

Price: 250 INR

Great for Practice

Entry requirements: 

  1. Lichess classical rating should be below 2000.

  2. FIDE Rating should be below 1500

  3. Must be registered for this event. Register Now.

Limited entries

  • Only 10 players are allowed

  • First come, first serve basis.

Registration closes at 11 PM, IST on 5th JUNE, 2021

However, if we reach 10 players earlier, we will close the registration soon.

Registrations closed

About the host

Sahaja Sri is the 1st Women International Master from Telangana, India.
She secured 3rd Position in the Women's category in Teplice Open Chess Tournament, Czech republic-2019.
She bagged 3rd Position in the Women's category in V Sunway Sitges Chess Tournament, Spain-2018.

She was placed 2nd Position in Women's section in XXIX Miedzynarodowy FestiWal szachowy CRACOVIA 2018 Grupa A, Poland-2018

And many more...

Terms and conditions:

  • By registering to this event, you are agreeing our Terms and Conditions.

  • Please note that, just by registering to the event, doesn't guarantee your entry.

  • Entries will be accepted, only after background verification.

  • Your classical rating should be below 1600 in lichess as on 30th May, 2021.

  • New lichess accounts are not allowed.

  • No age restriction.

  • Do not use chess engines, this is just for practice. Be fair. We will thoroughly inspect your games.

  • If a player founds guilty, he will be removed without any notice.

  • All the entries are thoroughly checked. Entries will be accepted, only if the player meets all entry requirements.

  • Player should use the same lichess id to play in simul, which is mentioned while registration.

  • If the player uses different lichess id ,then he/she shall not be allowed to participate in the simul.

  • We are not responsible for your technical issues.

  • We recommend you to join the simul atleast 10 minutes before it starts.

  • Only 15 players are allowed.

  • Player must be in our lichess team.

  • Please note that the host will have extra time on their clock to play simultaneously with many players.

  • If your entry is not accepted, even after the successful payment. You will be refunded with in 24 hours.

What's next?

  1. After registration, if your entry satisfies all the requirements, then we will approve your entry. You will receive a confirmation email with details to join the "Simul".

  2. If your entry doesn't get approved, we will refund your amount within 24 hours.

  3. After successful participation, every player will receive an e-certificate to your email.

  4. Merit Certificates and Prizes for the Players who won or draw with the host.

  5. Cash Prizes will be sent online within 24 hours.

  6. The results will be published on this page.

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Happy Playing

About the host
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