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100 free tournaments...

On Oct 7th 202, chess musketeers mark the 100th free tournament.

The 100th Musketeers Arena has got a good response compared to the previous tournaments.

For, many days, daily I am posting a free online chess tournament and sharing it with more than 200 people across many chess groups on WhatsApp.

In the beginning, daily chess was Friday chess...

I used to conduct a tournament every Friday with a nominal fee of just 10 rupees with cash prizes.

Later, one day, my aunt (mother's sister) insisted me to conduct a tournament daily...

From that day, I started to post daily links, free of cost and without any prizes...

Initially, we had a very mild response with a count of a single digit.

Later, Once we crossed the 50th Musketeers arena, the response from players slowly spiked up.

We started inviting players from various chess groups, including our group.

The 50th Musketeers Arena was won by my friend Avinash.

We have seen many players emerging daily.

Newbies like my students saanvi,sai amit,darsh,achinth proved their best many times and stood in a good position.

Especially saanvi, who started recently, not more than 6 months, stood 1st many times.

Her father was impressed by seeing her exponential growth.'

Achinth is a good player with a very high IQ.

Darsh and sai amit also proved their best by holding themselves in the top 10 mostly.

sai amit , stood 1st once.

My father, Rajaiah garu, in spite of his busy schedule, makes time for these daily chess tournaments and stood 1st many times.

Avinash , my friend, he is a decent player with extraordinary opening skills. He maintains to be in the top 10 mostly.

I play rarely and secured good positions many times ...

Recently, Varun is proving his best and maintaining consistency..

Daily we see, many players coming playing, and going..

Most of them stay in the group and maintain the daily practice consistently...

Many people think that playing an extra circular activity daily reduces concentration and will become a burden to their studies.

However, it is so untrue... Giving some time to sharpen your brain is definitely, not a waste of time.

Slowly, the tougher players started to play in our tournaments. We are now witnessing, that players above a 2000 lichess rating are also participating in our tournaments.

On International Chess Day, I conducted a free chess webinar and it got a good response.

I am also associated with a volunteering foundation called samvedna foundation, where I got a chance to share my knowledge of chess with the underprivileged and well-deserving kids, on weekly basis.

People of all ages, and places are attending regularly.

I am happy to see the consistency and growth of this daily chess.

I am conducting this without expecting anything.

And the players are giving a tug of war, even though there are no prizes...

So, I thought of giving them something in return to the players who are playing daily without getting any appreciation for many days.

I have decided to give them some cash prizes, by keeping the entry free.

And asking for donations.

I thought many people will donate, and the tournament goes well.

No one did.

Suddenly, one man came forward and promised to pay the entire prize money in one shot as a sponsor.

There emerged our first sponsor, Mr.Avinash Vijay Kumar, My friend.

Hence He proved a saying,a friend in need is a friend indeed.

The 100th Musketeers Arena went really well, according to us.

Because we started off in a dark phase of players less than 8 . Now we witnessed a good amount of players.

After seeing the response, my dad got excited on that day. And he also came forward to sponsor 1116/- for the tournament, which is going to be held on October 16th, my birthday...

My dad wanted to make my bday more special, with this sponsorship.

Full details of that special tournaments are here...

we don't stop, feeling that we have done so much...

we feel that this is just the beginning and many more to come.

Who knows what time offers in return for our consistency and discipline...

Join our daily chess group here in telegram, it is a budding group, to receive daily posts of online chess tournaments and to stay updated.

stay tuned...

Yours gratefully,


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