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Queen of Katwe

The world is full of wonders, but you won't truly experience them until you explore it. Merely looking around won't make sense, so you must look with vision, as it makes a big difference. If you don't start now, the day will never start.

A typical day in Katwe, Ugandan can begin from humble beginnings and lead to becoming a chess champion. A girl who examined her life with introspection discovered that looking at the world with a clear vision can make a significant difference. She also realized that there is a place where the poor often remain trapped in poverty.

She is a regular person with no formal education. She has never attended school or joined a coaching center, yet she has never lost hope. She realized that she needed to change her life and wants to be in a better place, a world full of happiness and joy.

On a typical day, she sells maize to earn money to help her mother support their family of five.

One day, she followed her elder brother to a place where kids played chess in the village. Initially, she faced ridicule for her dirty clothes and smell, but she persevered. This marked the beginning of her journey to success. She spent her days selling maize to earn money to support her family of five.

She started playing chess with other players in the village and learned different skills just by observing. Even the coach was surprised by her moves, which were not expected from her. He recognized the diamond in Ugandan and started teaching her more things as the days passed by.

She began participating in chess tournaments in Uganda, driven by the spirit of winning despite the struggles of poverty, food, and shelter in her life. She refused to give up, determined to make a better life for herself and her family.

In addition, it's important to note that her mother played a significant role in her journey. Despite not having much, her mother did everything she could to support her daughter's dreams, even if it meant sacrificing her own needs. The coach also stood by her side and helped her prepare for the tournaments. They faced many challenges along the way, but they persevered and did their best to help the girl succeed.

They all knew that her talent and knowledge would pay off one day.

Life is full of ups and downs, and choosing our path is up to us. For her, playing chess and winning games helped her forget the struggles of her daily life. It gave her a sense of purpose and direction, and she knew that her talent and knowledge would pay off one day. Despite the challenges, she kept moving forward, supported by her mother and coach who stood by her through thick and thin.

During a game with her coach, she moved a chess piece that he questioned. He told her she should have moved a different piece to protect it, as he would capture it in the next move. He then explained his strategy for the following moves and asked her why she moved the other piece instead. She replied, "I didn't think that way." She had imagined all possible moves of her coach and anticipated his moves eight steps ahead, resulting in a checkmate. Her coach was amazed by her strategic thinking and realized that she had the potential to become a master. Only masters can think that far ahead and calculate all future moves.

She learned that losing a chess piece was not a failure, but a stepping stone towards success. Despite playing in a place with no room to protect her king and no walls to save her soldiers, she continued to win. Her drive to change her life and bring happiness and joy to her mother was fueled by her knowledge and passion for the game.

That's how we had a master in chess Phiona Mutesi

Mutesi, Phiona - FIDE Rating, 27 years, Ugandan.

World Rank(All players): 205456

FIDE ID: 10000399

FIDE Title: Woman Candidate Master

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