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Is it necessary to practice Chess on a daily basis?

In one word, I say "depends".

It depends on a lot of factors like your goal, passion, enjoyment, mental exercise, etc.

First of all, we need to know, Why we play a particular game?

Is it for fun or to build a career or to exercise your brain or just to pass time?

If you are just a hobby player and need chess to play and defeat your friends, then it is okay to skip a day or two or even more.

For mental exercise, you can practice occasionally and also daily. But, don't overdo it.

If you are serious about becoming a professional player. It is highly recommended to practice chess daily,with a proper schedule ( preferably prepared by a professional).

Daily practice of any skill has many fruitful results like building a neural path, enhancing your experience of that skill, exponential growth in that skill, etc.

Chess musketeers conduct daily free online chess tournaments.

Recently we crossed our 100th Musketeers tournament.

If you want to get any chess-related updates like daily tournament links, chess news, etc, feel free to join our telegram group.

Also check out, our upcoming events.

Have you registered for the free special tournaments on October 16th, 2021?

If not, visit it here to know more.

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