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How did I learn chess?

Why did I start playing chess?

We don’t know how things happen sometimes, like when you see a strange person but feel like we met them before but we don't know each other, sometimes things happen strangely. When the time comes, things flow in place, some magic will happen at the same time. I started playing chess in a place where I don't know anything, just moving the piece of thing front and back.

How did it start?

Yes, when I was a kid I started playing chess with my brother, who was 2 years younger than me and brought a chess board from the fair which cost 20₹.

When he started playing alone, I with zero knowledge of chess started watching him and disturbing him with a lot of questions asking him. why you moved this, why not this piece of thing, I don't even know the names of that in the chess board. One day he taught me the rules and regulations on how to move the chess pieces. Then I found moving them very interesting, making improper moves can kill your team. Which will make me lose the game so later on I started playing alone.

Then came our summer holiday. My school started chess classes recently. I joined with basic knowledge and then with the guidance of the master, I learned anything to make me think in a proper, constant way, with a steady and stable mind.

I am a person who likes to play physically which helped my physical health and later with this where I started my mental health, staying calm with peace of mind and thinking logically keeps me in a stable place.

Later, I played with many of my seniors and won many prizes. That was the store where I learned and started chess and learned many things which I thought I cant do.

Start your journey now towards chess and unlock the talent hidden in you, think out of the blue.

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