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Find Yourself, No matter what.


Never get old, Age is just a number, Yes

Here is the correct answer to this. Wait, What is a postcard?

Let me tell you something interesting today, Shanmugan also known as Shanmugan Pck.

He was born in the year 1951 in the small town of Salem in the state of Tamil Nadu fondly known as the chess capital of India.

How the postcard is related to these men there comes to an interesting thing, Even in the days of the world running on technology, Shanmugan was living in a different world, the person only know their mother tongue and started playing chess in ’50s who is fascinated towards chess

He started visiting the boys club in Chennai where chess tournaments were regularly organized.

The destination is everything, we don't know how things fall under one place when the time comes, we just reach the destination.

One day he saw a game where a professional player could not find a simple move which was spotted immediately. Thus he found a beautiful journey in chess, but his conditions and commitments could not fulfill his aspirations. He never has a phone and can’t read or speak any other language other than his first language Tamil.

Where there’s a will there is a way, The story of a man who has played more than 200 FIDE-rated tournaments and traveled all across the country just with the help of a postcard.

Here comes the amusing thing, how did he do it? In those days he used to write postcards to the organized tournaments, stating "I want to participate in your tournament, and in exchange, I will offer my services so you just have to let me play."

He never had a phone. All he did was he used to tell his friends whenever you see a tournament, let me know and please help me write a postcard to the organizer. So, once the postcard is written and posted. He immediately started his journey without waiting for a reply.

He was that confident about himself, and he also had his alternative plans for an entry pass and playing the tournament. he used to rearrange the boards, and chairs no matter what after the finishing of other players' games.

He used to sleep somewhere in the hall, ready before the round started the next day.

He would only eat food if offered and if asked if he was hungry and if he had food he would always say he had enough for the day.

Find Yourself, No matter what.

That is a fascinating journey of a young man, I might say, with great thoughts.



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