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Joining Policy

Joining Policy for staff/coaches:

By joining our website as a staff/coach, you agreed that you have read, aware of, understood that you are bound to all the policies on the website.

1.Instructions and Code of conduct:

After the selection as a coach, you will be listed on our website.

Our website works on the trust of a lot of people.
We trusted you on your skills and behaviour, that's why you are working here. are not allowed to disclose/share/copy any kind of information such as student details, our working model, policies or any kind of internal policies from us.
2.You are not allowed to promote your own brand or other entities/websites during the sessions.
3.You are not allowed to disclose any kind of personal information including your phone numbers,email-id, social media links, other website links, your login credentials in any form(verbally or orally or through screen presentation)
4.You are solely responsible for the confidentiality of your account.
We do not hold any responsibility regarding your login credentials. However, you may report to us at within 24hours. We will try our best to resolve the issue.
5.All the classes/sessions should be done through the website and should be recorded for monitoring purpose.
6.You are not allowed to scold/abuse any student or staff or your management. If found, immediate action shall be taken against you.
7.Your course plan should be submitted to us to inform the students and to post on our website.
8.Classes should be conducted via zoom or on our website only with the link provided by us.
9.Session link will be provided to you via email from at least 24 hours prior to the session.
10.Seeking payments from the parents/students is prohibited.We will take care of your payments.
11.You are not allowed to discuss any irrelevant topics other than chess during the sessions.
12.We have the right to join or inspect your session at any time.

2.Assignment of classes and Payment:
1.Classes will be on an on-demand basis. You will be assigned a student or a group of students, Only when there is a requirement.
2.You will not receive a payment if you are not assigned to any student/group of students.
3.You will not receive a payment if the sessions/workshops/service assigned to you is cancelled.

No Fixed payments per month. It may vary according to the number of classes and the type of sessions that you are assigned to.
Payments will be varied according to the level, budget and negotiation of the student or vary from batch to batch.

3.How payments are made to you?
1.students pay through our website.
2.We will assign classes and students to you.
3.You will receive the payment only after all the sessions assigned to you are done correctly after deducting our charges.

Note: we will ensure you total transparency. We show you all the income received and 
all the expenses made including all the taxes, discounts, promotional offers, advertising costs and Payment gateway charges.

4.How much you are paid?
Net Income=(Total income generated through classes)-(advertising Expenses+taxes+promotional offers+discounts+Payment gateway charges)-skipped classes payment

One to one classes:90% of the net income generated
Group classes/workshops assigned solely to you:50% of the net income generated.
Group classes/workshops assigned to many coaches: Net income will be shared equally among the coaches and owner/s.

5.Leave Policy:
You need to inform us at least 48hours before if you need to skip a class.
No payments for the skipped classes.
You need to coordinate and arrange an alternate coach before skipping the class. (In case of one to one classes, you need to inform the student in advance and coordinate)
If you teach the skipped class later, then that class will be counted for the payment.

6.Termination or Resignation:

We have the right, at our sole discretion to remove any coach without specifying the cause or reason.

6.1.In case you want to resign. You need to inform us in writing an email to at least 4 weeks prior to the resignation.

You will not receive your payment dues if you do not abide by the joining policy.

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