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100 days

End game training

NOV 19th, 2021 - FEB 28, 2022


Batch 1 (kolkata time): 6-7PM IST
Batch 2 (Los Angeles) : 6:15-7:15 AM PDT
Batch 3 (New York): 6:30-7:30PM EST
Batch 4 (Amsterdam): 6-7 PM CET


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  • why Endgame studies?
    Endgame is the crucial deciding factor of any game, including Chess. By the you reach endgame position, your clock may have only few seconds left. You must have the judgement skill, whether the game is win or lose or draw. Many amateurs prolong the draw game and losing at the end. To avoid these kind of mistakes and to proceed in the right direction of the game, end game is crucial. In the above position, white to play is clear win. Suppose you don't know how to promote a pawn in this situation. Then you may endup this winning position as draw. Postion 1 changes to position 2. In this position ,if it is white to play it is winning for white. If it is black to play, it is a draw. That's why end game knowledge is vital, especially in rapid or blitz. If you have good knowledge on endgame, your result is always progressive. Because you'll try to end up lost position to a draw position.
  • At what age can we introduce chess to a child?
    Depends on child to child. Personally I feel, its good to play chess infront of your kid. Kids try to touch each and every piece and memorise the shape and they will distinguish the pieces. you can teach them names of the pieces above the age of 42 months baby. Strictly only names. Age of 50 months you can teach them piece moves etc. Always remember don't overload your child's brain with information. Beware of smart gadgets, video games sharp objects, harmful liquids and Electric power sockets etc for the concern of your child.
  • Why self assesment chess test for every child?
    Self assessment test helps us to categorise the child and enroll them with the same level of kids. Don't compare your kids, every creature has its own speciality.
  • why only 100 days?
    Endgame study is an essential and a vast topic.
  • curriculum
  • What can we expect from this course?
    With the favourable endgame in mind, the player will take concious decisions to turn in to an comfortable end game.
  • Is 100 days enough for training and learning?
    Endgames are endless. However, we will cover most of the important ideas behind the endgames.
  • Why 100 $ only?
    Money shouldn't be the problem for learning.
  • I need only specific endgames ( example: Rook End games) , How can I pick?"
    You can choose any course according to your need and join accordingly.
  • How can we find time to Practice?
    We have seperate sessions for practice.
  • offers
    Early bird offer : 10% off ( Limited seats) Previous students: 4000 INR only.
  • Perks
    certificate will be posted to your home after successful completion of the 100 days course. Every sunday we will have an internal closed tournament for practice. You will also get a Chess set ( chess mat and pieces) to your Home.
  • Does Partial payments are allowed?
    Yes, you can pay in 2 or 3 installments. First installment: 40 USD (valid up to 40 days) Second installment: 60 USD or 30+30 USD
  • I know few topics, can I join only for one or two topics?"
    Yes. You just need to pay 1$ per day prior to the classes.
  • Do we need to have laptop or PC for attending this course?
    No need, smart phone or tab is sufficient with good internet speed is enough.
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