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Virtual summer camp

With Shiva Kumar Arikilla & Suvankar Maity

Duration - 6 weeks 
From June 28th to Aug 6th, 2021 

Classes -   Mon - Fri 
Holidays - Sat & Sun

Total sessions - 30


Price : 15 USD per session


•Batch 1 : 9:30-10:30 AM PST
•Batch 2 : 7-8 PM PST

Level : Beginner/Intermediate

Age : 6-14


  •  Zoom classes

  • only 4 per batch

What is taught? 

  • Introduction and basics,special moves- pawn promotion, en passant and castling,notation of moves, check, checkmate

  • Draws and types of draws and other rules

  • Basic (piece) checkmates 1

  • Mate in one,Mate in two.

  • Types of Attacks:double attack,discovered attack, double-check,pin, skewer, deflection, decoy, pawn promotion and many more...

  • Types of checkmates: back rank checkmatehook mateAnastasia mateArabian matesmothered mate and other types.

  • piece checkmates 2:checkmate with a pawn,checkmate with two bishops,

  • Pawn end games,

  • Tournament rules 

Week 1: Introduction ,basic definitions and rules,notation

Week 2: Types of Draws, basic piece checkmates,mate in one

Week 3: Types of Attacks and Basic level tactics

Week 4:Types of checkmates

Week 5: Piece Checkmates 2 and Checkmate with Pawn

Week 6:Pawn End games  and revision

Last day: E-certificate Presentation


  1. E-certificate

  2. Well versed with Basics.

  3. Player can participate in tournaments.

  4. Daily free Online Tournaments for life time.

About the trainers


Shiva Kumar Arikilla

  • Founder of Chess Musketeers.


    • Shiva Kumar Arikilla  is a FIDE rated,national level chess player.

    • He is selected for U25 chess nationals in the year 2016.

    •  He is teaching chess from 2018 May.

    • He has tournament experience of 10 years.

    • He got prizes in All India level FIDE tournaments and state level tournaments.

    • Shiva Kumar Arikilla is a passionate chess player and a chess coach based in Bellampalli.             

    • His qualifications are MBA from Osmania University .

    • His native place is bellampalli,a town in Mancherial district,Telangana state,India.

    • He teaches online/Personal home coaching.

    • So far ,he had taught above 20 students.And being teaching around 10 dedicated students at present.

    • His inspiration is Vishy (Viswanathan Anand).

    • Shiva  loves chess,traveling,art, making DIYs,crafts,bike riding,reading books and music.He  is also a youtuber.

    • Chess musketeers conducts free daily online tournaments in lichess and conducts online and personal classes..

    • Anyone can join his online chess team,chess musketeers club

    • You can checkout  his chess youtube channel ,chess musketeers and follow in instagram.

One on one sessions also available, for more details you can connect with the trainer on whatsapp/e-mail.

suvankar image.jpg

Suvankar Maity

1.FIDE Rating , standard,1826.

2.Champion in Kharagpur Classic All India Rating tournament in Kharagpur, 2019 December.
3.Player Chess League and got 4th position in Bangladesh,2019.
4.2nd Place in 1st Indian Oil All India Rating tournament in Durgapur, 2019 November.
5. Won many age-group tournaments in West Bengal.
6. 4th in IIFl Masters all India Rating Tournament in Mumbai 2020, January.

Shiva Kumar Arikilla,Selfie with Vishy (Viswanathan Anand, 5 times World Champion)
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