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about us

Chess Musketeers

  • conducts online and personal classes.

  • We have a bunch of chess coaches, working for you.

  • We offer online coaching services for the students all over the world at affordable prices.

Types of services:

1.One to one coaching services;

Where one coach is dedicated to teach for one student.

Students book the sessions and pay per session.


2.Group classes:

One/multiple coaches teach to a group of people online.



For a specific period one or multiple coaches are involved in teaching any specific topic to multiple students online.

Workshops include summer camps,one day or two day workshops etc.


4. Daily free online tournaments


All the above are online and live.


In future we are planning to include "digital recordings of the sessions" for  sale.



To create top notch students who can play and excel in chess and become pride for the nation.



To offer chess at an affordable rate to the players.

Our team members

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